PM-100 Plasma Cleaner

The PM-100 Advantage

  • The PM-100 from Vacuum Sciences is the new standard for in-situ plasma cleaning of scanning electron microscopes (SEMs), dual beam systems (FIBs), and related applications
  • The fully-integrated PM-100 uses proprietary technologies, including high-efficiency RF power amplifier and plasma excitation techniques for reliable ignition
  • Engineered for optimal generation of reactive species for better performance and higher reliability
  • PM-100 represents a revolutionary improvement over any other plasma cleaners on the market- which are nearly identical in outdated technology, non-optimized performance, and high costs
  • Most importantly, the PM-100 outperforms competing products at less than half their price

Compact Integrated Design

  • Self-contained design, no external electronics or bulky cables to route
  • Requires only DC power and USB communications
  • Full integration results in fewer components, driving costs down
  • Expert plasma design allows simple operation and reliable ignition under all conditions: nothing to adjust, just set recipe and run

Modern Interface

  • Operates from 24VDC/4A (from chassis or external power supply), 1.2 A typical @20W RF
  • Status provided by tri-color LED status indicator and software messages
  • USB communications, no conversion dongle needed (RS-232 option for OEMs)
  • Control using GUI interface or via extensive command set

Modern GUI Software Interface

  • Simple to use: Set recipe and then select push to start button - that's it
  • Automated port detection for quick and easy communications with the PM100 system
  • Monitors unit status and activity, real-time indicators and graphs of system parameters
  • Comprehensive logging of operations and settings, stored on both unit and host CPU
  • Password-protected service/engineering section for advanced information and adjustments

High Reliability Plasma Ignition

  • Uses proprietary technology to ensure reliable plasma ignition
  • Designed to ignite plasmas at difficult low pressures (5-25 mTorr)
  • Avoids use of unreliable methods (pressure bursts, flow constrictions) to ignite plasma
  • Open-bore plasma design maximizes delivery of reactive species

Efficient Power Electronics

  • High efficiency, proprietary switch-mode RF amplifier, minimizes power consumption and waste heat
  • Output powers > 75 W and DC-to-RF efficiencies >75%
  • Sufficient power to saturate plasma volume, achieve highest levels of cleaning efficiency

Advanced Microcontroller

  • 32-bit 120 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 core with 2MB flash and 640k SRAM with true multi-threaded processing
  • Logs last 100 cleaning operations in flash memory
  • User-accessible flash memory storage (100 x 64 bytes)
  • Extensible command set (OEM only)

All-inclusive, no hidden costs

Each system includes:

  • Lifetime GUI software and unit firmware upgrades at no additional cost
  • 24 VDC AC-DC power supply with cables
  • USB cable (3 m.)
  • 5-year warranty